Kay Metzeler was established in the 1960s and starting trading from Billericay, Essex. The company was then called Thermofoam and was taken over by Kay Metzeler in the 1970s. British Vita acquired the company in 1987, further investment meant the achievement of Cemoss (Kay-Metzeler’s main EPS competitor) in 1993. With this came another modern manufacturing site in Laindon, Essex. Manufacturing continued from both the Billericay and Laindon site. In 2003 production then moved to one factory based in Chelmsford which improved company efficiency by bringing all manufacturing needs and production to one main site.

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The Kay-Metzeler (EPS) division remains part of the Vita Group of companies. Kay-Metzeler has become one of the UK’s market leaders in the production of EPS (block and sheet). Their products are widely used within construction, furniture, packaging, scenery, sculpture, horticulture, and agriculture.


Kay Metzeler manufacturers a wide range of EPS Insulation products mainly used for walls, floors, and underfloor heating. Kay Metzeler EPS products are used to insulate residential and commercial homes all over the UK.




EPS is 100% recyclable. 100 tonnes of EPS are recycled each month in the UK. EPS is more acceptable than other packaging materials, in terms of air pollution, energy usage, water pollution, and global warming potential.

In order to minimise the impact on the environment, Kay Metzeler stopped manufacturing EPS products using Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) in 2015.


EPS is environmentally friendly and does not contain CFC’s, HCFC’s, or Fibre. EPS has a zero Ozone Depletion Potential and a low Global Warning Potential. EPS has received an
A+ rating in the BRE ‘Green Guide.


EPS Products:


Kay Metzeler produces several Insulation panels available in blocks or sheets in black or white.

EPS is an Expanded Polystyrene Board recommended for use in various floor applications to help contractors meet building regulations. It is a simple and cost-effective form of insulation that holds exceptional compressive strength. EPS will reduce heat loss between walls, floors and roof applications. EPS Provides an ageless insulation application that will last as long as the building does. EPS is commonly used in the form of a large slab. It is popular for its high-productivity and low costs, saving on labour and material yet providing a dependable product.

  • It is a lightweight product making handling, installing, and cutting easy.
  • EPS is moisture resistant, rot and mould resistant and fire resistant.
  • Non-toxic and no harmful chemicals.
  • Thicknesses range from 25mm to 100mm.
  • EPS offers products; EPS70, EPS100, EPS150.
  • The range has a variety of thermal conductivities available.