Mayplas is a brand with over 45 years of experience in the insulation industry. Mayplas supplies insulation material to the UK and Ireland from its manufacturing warehouse based in the Northwest of England. Mayplas products are available and provided through a national network of insulation distributors.

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What is Mayplas?

Mayplas is a market-leading manufacturer of thermal, acoustic and fire stopping products for the construction, HVAC, appliance manufacturing and DIY industries. Mayplas are expert in the disciplines of fire, acoustic and thermal insulation, Mayplas is equipped to provide guidance on straightforward and cost-effective routes to Part B, Part E and Part L compliance.

The thermal insulation products Mayplas provides include insulation rolls, product jackets, thermal floor panels, ceiling pads and insulated plasterboards.

Why use Mayplas?

  • Insulation experience and knowledge
  • Reliable and well-established brand
  • Simple solution to upgrade walls and roofs
  • Cost and time effective
  • Products ideal for both new build and renovation projects
  • Multi-purpose applications
  • Green Guide Rating A+
  • Long lasting and durable products

Mayplas Insulated Plasterboard

The boards are available in sizes 1200mm by 2400mm with sizes ranging from 37.5mm to 72.5mm. This is made up of a (PIR) foam board and 12.5mm plasterboard for example, a 25mm board attached to 12.5mm plasterboard will amount to a 37.5mm insulated plasterboard. This board provides a thermal conductivity of just 0.022W/mK. The boards are lightweight and easy to cut, handle, and install. A fine-toothed saw is recommended to cut insulated plasterboards. A plank of wood or ruler can be a handy tool to create a cutting guide and hold the board in place.