An essential part of finishing out any property, considering your insulation choice is more important than ever. And with a number of options available on the market, it can be difficult to find the right choice for your unique needs.
Combining choice, quality, and care – Celotex is a preferred choice for many industry professionals. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to lock down a solution that’s right for you, your business, or your family.
So, what exactly is it and what are the options available for purchasers?

What is Celotex?

A high-performance insulation solution, the Celotex brand is trusted throughout the UK as a provider of general-purpose and specialist insulation products. This includes options that are ideal for projects and builds that need to be fire-resistant, used in cavity walls, underfloor solutions, and much more.
With close to a century of professional experience, the brand is defined by a commitment to quality and innovation. This has seen the constant rollout of improved, fully-tested products that use the latest technologies and standards to provide a quality end result.

Why is it so popular?

Defined by reliability, choice, and exceptional client care – Celotex is a popular pick in the modern marketplace.
Using a Celotex solution in your space has a number of potential benefits. These include, but are not limited to-
Client Choice: The current Celotex range is continuously expanding and allows users a range of options when it comes to customising their space. These come in a range of sizes and fits, letting individuals or professionals quickly find a cost-effective solution for your space. The line also combines durability and portability, making it an ideal one-size solution for many builds.

Energy Efficiency: All Celotex products are crafted with energy efficiency in mind. This includes an environmentally friendly production process and a focus on energy efficiency and preservation, with the company currently enjoying an A+ rating on the BRE Green Guide. This results in ongoing savings for the end-user over an extended period of time.

Innovation: Celotex has embraced innovation for decades, and it shows. This has allowed them to provide highly-effective insulation coverage with increasing levels of thinness – giving users options when it comes to protecting their space. This makes it easy to cut, handle, and modify – making it perfect for a wide range of projects.

Flexibility: Celotex is suitable for commercial projects and domestic use, bringing market quality protection to the home-space. Easy to work with, the material is highly adaptable and can be used in a range of locations from walls, pitched and flat roofs, masonry projects, and much more.

PIR Convenience: Celotex boards are predominantly made from Polyisocyanurate, a type of thermoset plastic that is an incredibly effective form of rigid foam insulation. This offers significant R ratings and is a highly effective and customisable solution, while also proving to be water resistant and useable under or over ground with no additional difficulty.

Popular Celotex Boards

What options are available?

While having a range of options is essential when operating as an insulation provider, it can be difficult for even the most skilled individual to settle on the right choice for their space.
When it comes to Celotex, the company offers three key choices based on levels of thickness. These range from 12mm – 200mm, and includes-

TB400 (12mm – 40mm): One of the thinnest and most versatile options available from Celotex, this comes with the line’s trademark low emissivity aluminium facer as standard – allowing it to be deployed in a range of situations. In addition to being a thermal bridging board, the material is specifically created for long-term use. This makes it highly favoured as an energy efficient solution that is also easy to transport and deploy; effectively making it a swiss army knife when it comes to long and short-term care.
Who is this for?: An everyday solution for a number of builds, but especially ones where cold spots, or gaps need to be plugged. Perfect as a short-term fix or a safe, sustainable insulation solution.

GA4000 (50mm – 100mm): Celotex’s general purpose board, the GA4000 line is designed for the insulation of conventional solid walls, compared to the TB400’s core use in spot fixes or legacy builds. A robust and high-quality insulator, the line is perfect for use at all stages of dedicated build or refit projects. Designed to be simple to cut and install, the line is a valuable time-saver on professional builds and brings exceptional heat retention to a domestic site. The line is also quick to install, with little more than screw fixings needed to safely lock the boards in place. Available in five gradients, this can prove to be an elegant solution across a wide range of projects. Celotex 100mm is one of our most sold insulation boards. You can find the GA4000 datasheet here.
Who is this for?: For larger builds that combine a need for coverage and consistency, but still have specialist needs or a requirement for a ‘bespoke’ fit.

XR4000 (110mm – 200mm): This line’s highly effective insulation properties works to prevent the many issues with come with ‘doubling up’ when using conventional insulation. This allows you to enjoy a ‘fit once’ solution that fits a range of heavy-duty and home requirements. Also designed to fit over (or between) rafters, the XR4000 line is perfect for pitched roofs and can act as excellent under slab insulation. Designed to comply with current standards and to be fit-for-purpose for years ahead, the line is a heavy-duty option that gets the job done, while still enjoying the light-touch reliability of the rest of the Celotex line.
Who is this for?: Perfect for high-performance projects, the XR4000 line is also perfect for home loft insulation or a range of demanding site-specific options.

What if I’m still not sure?

If you’re still uncertain about what insulation material is right for you, it’s always helpful to see out professional guidance. If that’s the case for you, our team at Trade Insulations are here to help. With many years of experience, we work to understand your specific requirements and find a materials solution that is right for you.
if you have specific questions or queries, you can contact us directly and learn more about our range and talk through which option is right for your unique space.

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