British Gypsum was founded in 1917 as British Plaster Board Limited and became part of the Saint-Gobain group in 2005 and now has over 100 years’ experience. Their aim is to provide comfortable living and working environments in a sustainable way. British Gypsum currently has five specialist manufacturing sites in the UK to help satisfy the construction industry demands and they hold some of the best research facilities in Europe. British Gypsum is also a multi-national company with operations not only in Europe but in the middle east, Africa and Asia and now has thousands of employees.

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British Gypsum is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of interior lining systems. British Gypsum manufactures plaster, plasterboards, fastenings, insulating materials, and ceiling solutions that can be used in residential and commercial properties for walls, floors, and ceilings. In all kinds of environments, British Gypsum helps to create partitions and introduce factors that can protect against fire and insulate against sound. Their products are mainly used by the building and construction industry. British Gypsum has become renowned for its ease of use and quality of produce.

Why use British Gypsum?

  • Products are reliable and durable
  • Long lasting finishing’s
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Good fire-resistant products
  • Easy applications
  • Trustworthy establishment
  • 100 years’ experience
  • Variety of products


British Gypsum supplies plastering products and metal products such as studs and braces. Ceiling solutions such as ceiling boards, tiles, and planks as well as plasterboards to suit acoustic, fire, and thermal needs. British Gypsum also provides fixing products, finishing products, and bespoke products. See some of their most popular thistle products are below.

British Gypsum Thistle Multi-Finish Plaster – Thistle multi-finish is made of up a retarded hemihydrate, pre-mixed gypsum plaster and only needs additional water to use. It can be used for undercoats, plasterboards, and re-skimming as well as small patch jobs. This product comes in a 25kg bag and covers 10m2 at a 2mm thickness. This product meets certifications EN 13279-1, type B1/10/2.

British Gypsum Thistle Hardwall – Thistle hardwall is a premixed gypsum undercoat plaster and only needs additional water to use. It can be either sprayed or applied by skim and smooth method. It can be used for masonry backgrounds, aircrete blocks, common bricks, dense blocks, and medium density blocks however it is not suitable for smooth low suction blocks. This product comes in a 25kg bag and covers 2.25m2 at a 13mm thickness. This product meets certifications EN 13279-1, type B4/20/2 & C3/20

When applying finishing products, the following precautions should be applied:

  • Wearing protections for the eyes, mouth, and skin to prevent dust from irritating the areas. If affected or inhaled simply wash / rinse the product off with water and get some air immediately.
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke when handling these products and wash hand immediately after use.
  • Follow guidelines instructed on the product when mixing and ensure the liquid to plaster ratio is correct to achieve the best outcome and a long lasting finish.
  • Store the product in dry conditions preferably on a flat surface.