Actis has grown to become the European market leader in the thin multifoil insulation sector with 3 ranges of products available. Actis is a French SME based in the South of France and was founded in 1980 and became part of the Laurent Thierry Group in 2003. Actis has signed contracts with key European leaders in the distribution of insulation materials. For over 30 years Actis has been invested in offering sustainable and energy efficient insulation solutions with over 100,000 internal quality tests per year. Actis is sold in 10,000 outlets in 8 counties and has 210 employees. Actis manufacturers all insulation products in house whilst integrating essentials to their manufacturing process including:

  • Plastic industry: extrusion of cellular foams, plastic films, and plating films.
  • Textiles: manufacturing intermediate layers of reflective insulation made from textile fibres
  • Lamination of metallised films with a gate to ensure their strength.

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Actis specialises in the design and manufacture of advanced building insulation materials, such as reflective multifoil insulation and membranes which can be applied for roofs, walls, and floors.

Actis’s key range, Hybrid, supplies 3 ranges of product which include Hybris, H Control and Boost’R.


HYBRID is an advanced range of 3 products which offer insulation with airtightness, moisture resistance and reflective properties. HYBRID system can reach the highest U-value requirements with a minimal thickness saving space in the room and making installation easier.


Part of the Hybrid range Hybris is an innovative insulation material that can be applied to timber frame or masonry walls, pitched roofs, ceiling and suspended timber floor applications.

Hybris is a reflective advanced insulation product duplicating a honeycomb form made of shaped polyethylene foams fastened to aluminium coated polyethylene foils. Its high thermal performance is provided by a special structure composed of several low emissivity cavities, protected from dust and excessive air movement. The low emissivity external films provide additional thermal resistance, when associated with air cavities. The lightweight material makes installation, handling and cutting easy.

  • Panel size – 1145mm x 1200mm
  • Thicknesses from 50mm to 205mm
  • Thermal Conductivity 0.033W/mK
  • Durable and doesn’t slump down over time.
  • Less than 9.5kg/m3 in weight
  • Great acoustic performance


Part of the Hybrid range H Control is a thin multifoil insulation product with built-in vapor control and great thermal performance. This product provides insulation as well as a vapor control layer which reduces the number of installation steps involved and provides a thin product achieving the required U-Value. H Control can be applied to the warm side of insulation materials behind the internal finish of roofs, walls, and ceilings.

  • Size – 6.7m x 1.5m
  • Thickness – 45mm
  • Thermal Resistance – 1.90W/mK
  • Vapour barrier


Part of the Hybrid range Boost’R is a thin multifoil insulation product combined with a breather membrane function and provides great thermal performance. Their single product provides dual properties which reduces the number of installation step required and provides a thin product that can achieve the same required U-Value. The lightweight material makes installation, handling and cutting easy. Boost’R can be installed on the cold side of roofs and walls.

  • Size – 6.7m x 1.5m
  • Thickness – 35mm
  • Thermal Resistance – 1.35W/mK
  • Vapour Resistant
  • Space Saving