The Isover Acoustic Partition Roll is designed to improve the thermal conductivity of the property. This Isover roll is designed to reduce sound level when placed within partition walls, floors, and lofts. This material is a strong and durable mat that is easy to cut and is quick to install. The acoustic roll is available in widths of 2x600mm and provides a thermal conductivity of 0.043W/mK. The acoustic rolls should be stored in dry conditions and preferably inside the building where the rolls will be installed. Do not stack too many rolls over each other to protect them from being damaged. The rolls are compressed into rolls when packaged so they can be easily moved and installed without taking up too much space in the property.

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Isover Acoustic Partition roll can be cut using a sharp knife. The material should be laid flat onto a board that can be disregarded after. A ruler or plank of wood can be used to hold the roll down flat and keep it in place, a Stanley blade can then be slid along with the insulation roll next to the ruler. The tighter the insulation is held the easier it is to cut. Protective gloves and eye goggles are recommended when cutting mineral wool rolls are the produced particles that can irritate the skin and eyes.

The Isover glass mineral wool roll offers high acoustic insulation to meet acoustic requirements in all domestic and non-residential applications. The Isover Acoustic Partition is thoroughly tested and recycled. The acoustic insulation roll is known for its far-reaching durability and strength. This Isover product is covered by SpecSure Warranty which means that it comes with a guarantee of non-ageing lifetime performance on utilisation as a part of British Gypsum systems.

The Acoustic Partition Roll is lightweight and will not bend under its weight when installed vertically. This Isover APR roll is manufactured with recycled glass to keep it eco-friendly. It also features Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) for making it fit to be known as a sustainable insulation alternative. With the Isover Acoustic Partition Roll, the roll does not accelerate corrosion with steel, copper, or aluminium and the material will stay free of vermin or any fungal and bacterial growth.