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Discover our wide range of MF ceiling products, which are available to buy from us online. You can find products such as top hats (MF5), perimeter channels (MF6A), primary channels (MF7) as well as connecting clips. (MF9)

MF17 25 x25 Angle 3600mm

£31.50 ex VAT

MF5 Plasterboard Ceiling Section 3600mm x 25mm

£41.90 ex VAT

MF6 Perimeter Channel 3600mm

£26.90 ex VAT
MF7 Primary Channel

MF7 Primary Channel 3600mm x 45mm

£36.50 ex VAT

MF Ceiling System

MF Ceiling System (Metal Frame Ceiling) are known as False Ceiling, Suspended Ceiling or even a dropped ceiling using a metal framed ceiling. Therefore, a key advantage of using metal is that it can be adjusted by cutting down to different lengths to get the exact drop down of height.

Commercial & Domestic use include:

  • Residential
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants 
  • Offices

Why use a MF Ceiling System

The reason that MF Ceiling systems are popular for modern designs is because it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. MF Ceiling Systems help to prevent everything like wirework, electrics, ductwork and other support systems from ruining the design. Allowing access points is handy for any problems in the future.

What materials consist of a MF Ceiling

  • MF6A (Perimeter Channel)
  • MF5 (Top Hat)
  • MF7 (Primary Channel)
  • MF9 (Connecting Clips)
  • Steel Angle
  • Wafer Head Screw
  • Fixing Bracket

Quick Guide on fixing a MF Ceilings

Below are the key steps on fixing a MF Ceiling (Metal Frame Ceiling)

  1. Set your ceiling level
  2. Fit the MF6A perimeter Frame
  3. Install the Hangers
  4. Build the grid frames
  5. Install your plasterboards

What plasterboards should I use on my MF Ceiling

All types of plasterboards can be used with the MF Ceiling systems. This includes specialist plasterboard such as fire, sound and moisture. Ensure when building your MF frame that you allow for the size of the plasterboards that you are going to use.

Reasons to use a MF Ceiling System

  • They are lightweight
  • Quick to install – Recommended by a professional
  • Compatible with all types of plasterboard and brands
  • It can hide unwanted cables and pipes
  • It can add access points
  • They feature resistance to moisture

Please see below for a couple of plasterboard brands we recommend to use with this system.