Ecotherm Insulation manufacture PIR insulation in the UK. They are dedicated to being environmentally friendly and are passionate about energy consumption. The head office of EcoTherm is based in Basildon, Essex. EcoTherm are brought to you by the same people behind Kingspan.
The EcoTherm product range consists of a variety of PIR boards. On our website, we offer our very best prices on Eco-Versal and Eco-liner. Our easy to use website means that you can place your order in minutes and receive your insulation directly to your home or project. Order today with Trade Insulations. The home of insulation at trade prices.

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What is EcoTherm Insulation?

Ecotherm Insulation are one of the largest manufacturer of insulation products in the UK. They offer a wide variety of products made using PIR. PIR is derived from polyurethane. Furthermore, it is a thermoset polymeric material that blends polyols and isocyanates. Overall, PIR is an excellent material for insulation due to it's thermal qualities. EcoTherm's range of insulation products include:

  • EcoTherm Eco-Versal
  • EcoTherm Eco-Cavity
  • EcoTherm Eco-Liner
  • EcoTherm Eco-Cavity Full Fill
  • EcoTherm Inno-Fix
  • EcoTherm Inno-Bond
  • EcoTherm Inno-Torch

EcoTherm provide high performance insulation solutions for almost any application. EcoTherm Insulation Limited is owned by Kingspan Group, who are a widely known insulation manufacturer. The EcoTherm Eco Versal boards are extremely popular due to them being a 5 in 1 board. This means they can be used for insulating roofs, walls, floors, dormer cheeks and ceilings. These are best selling insulation boards by EcoTherm. Another popular EcoTherm product are the EcoTherm Eco Liner insulated plasterboards. These thermal plasterboards are perfect as they combine plasterboard with PIR to provide insulation and plasterboard.

EcoTherm Insulation products are manufactured with a CFC and HCFC-free blowing agent. The products by EcoTherm have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and a low Global Warming Potential (GWP). EcoTherm Insulation products correspond to the BRE Global Green Guide generic specification which achieves a summary rating of A on tissue-facing products and A+ on foil-facing products.

EcoTherm Insulation excels in thermal efficiency, leading to energy savings and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Its thin profile makes efficient use of space, and it's easy to install, reducing labour costs. Moreover, it's durable, environmentally friendly, and complies with industry standards. It is a practical choice for enhancing energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability in construction projects.

Benefits of EcoTherm Insulation

There are many benefits of using EcoTherm insulation for your project. EcoTherm products are a cost effective way of insulating a home.

  • Excellent Thermal Performance: Ecotherm Boards are made from high performance PIR
  • Low Moisture Absorption Capacity: Helps to achieve thermal properties that are consistent
  • Durable: Good compressive strength and durability
  • Easy To Install: EcoTherm products are designed to be easy to install
  • Suitable for existing and new builds: Great for both renovations and new builds.
  • Low Cost: EcoTherm products are a cost effective insulation solution.
  • Quality: EcoTherm have strict manufacturing standards.
  • Environmentally Focused: They are manufactured with a CFC and HCFC free blowing agent.

Where can EcoTherm be applied

EcoTherm offer a range of products, which have a variety of applications. This includes floor insulation, wall insulation and roof insulation.

One of the most popular EcoTherm products (EcoTherm Versal) boasts use in 5 in 1 applications. It can be used for roofs, walls, floors, dormer cheeks and ceilings.

EcoTherm also offer specialist insulation for particular applications. This includes Eco-Cavity, which is specifically designed for use in cavity wall applications.

In addition to these products, we also sell Eco-Liner, which is EcoTherm's solution to insulated plasterboard.

All of the products by EcoTherm are available in a variety of thicknesses, which means you can get the perfect insulation product for your project.

If you are unsure of which insulation and thickness you require, we always recommend speaking to your architect or a building professional. This is because all builds are different and your requirements will likely be bespoke to you. The U-Value calculator below may also help.

Ecotherm U Value Calculator

If you need to calculate your U Value then you can use Ecotherm's U Value Calculator. This calculator allows you to enter details about your build and will then return estimated U Values. You can filter between thicknesses and products to achieve different U Values.

Use the EcoTherm U Value Calculator

EcoTherm Thicknesses

EcoTherm products come in a variety of thicknesses. On our website, we sell both Ecotherm Versal as well as Ecotherm Eco-liner.

EcoTherm Versal Boards:
Ecotherm Versal's thicknesses range from 25mm up to 150mm (which can be seen in the list below)

EcoTherm Ecoliner:
EcoTherm Ecoliner thicknesses range from 37.5mm up to 72.5mm as seen below.

Cheap Ecotherm Insulation

We sell cheap EcoTherm insulation on our website. All of the products we sell are brand new, which mean you will never receive returns or seconds. At Trade Insulations, we believe in providing trade prices for top brands such as EcoTherm. The EcoTherm range is extensive, however we sell the most popular products such as EcoTherm Eco-Versal and EcoTherm Ecoliner. You can always find our best price on Ecotherm on our website.
Ecotherm Insulation boards are rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam boards. Each side of the board has a layer of aluminium foil composite coating surface which provides multipurpose use for a range of applications.
Ecotherm Insulation Boards are lightweight to make installation easy and can be used on a range of applications such as pitched roofs, flat roofs, floors, and walls. They are also ideal for household, ground-supported, or suspended concrete slab ground floors and have high dimensional stability.

Is Ecotherm Sustainable?

The sustainability of EcoTherm products varies depending on factors such as the specific product, manufacturing methods, and material choices. EcoTherm, like many companies in the construction and insulation industry, offer a range of insulation solutions with varying environmental characteristics.

EcoTherm are very environmentally focused in their approach to insulation. The environmental impact of EcoTherm may differ per product. We suggest the check the specific product specifications. Furthermore, examine the technical details and specifications for insights into materials and energy efficiency. Further details can be found on each product page.

Ecotherm take an innovative approach to manufacturing, including waste reduction and energy-efficient processes. The product lifespan of EcoTherm is long lasting, which reduces the need for replacements. In addition to this, the installed products may reduce in a dramatic reduction in energy savings. This can lower a households carbon footprint.