Ecotherm Insulation was founded in the UK in 2010. Since then the company and the products they provide have become a must-have in the building and construction industry.
EcoTherm as a brand is dedicated to being environmentally friendly and is passionate about minimising energy consumption.

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100mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£39.90 ex VAT

30mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£19.11 ex VAT

40mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£21.36 ex VAT

60mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£29.14 ex VAT

70mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£33.19 ex VAT

90mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£40.50 ex VAT

80mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£38.62 ex VAT

110mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£52.26 ex VAT

130mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£61.26 ex VAT

140mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£64.16 ex VAT

25mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£16.00 ex VAT

Ecotherm 52.5mm Insulated Plasterboard (1200 x 2400mm)

£53.51 ex VAT

50mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£22.69 ex VAT

150mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£62.50 ex VAT

75mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£33.90 ex VAT

120mm Ecotherm PIR Insulation Board (1200x2400mm)

£51.25 ex VAT

EcoTherm products are effective in minimising energy loss from residential and commercial buildings and support the ‘fabric first’ approach to construction. Within 8 months of using this product, users will have recouped the energy required to produce the EcoTherm product. EcoTherm Insulation products are manufactured with a CFC and HCFC-free blowing agent, that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and a low Global Warming Potential (GWP). EcoTherm Insulation products correspond to the BRE Global Green Guide generic specification which achieves a summary rating of A on tissue-facing products and A+ on foil-facing products.

What is Ecotherm?

Ecotherm is a manufacturer of insulation and is one of the UK’s largest PIR Insulation suppliers. As well as manufacturing standard PIR Boards Ecotherm also produces specific products that have time-saving benefits when it comes to installing the product. The products from Ecotherm can be used for flat roofs, pitched roofs, walls, floors, and ceilings for renovations, new builds and extensions.

Why use Ecotherm?

Ecotherms products are lightweight and easy to install. They provide excellent thermal performance and high-quality products which when correctly installed are durable and long-lasting. Ecotherm continuously conducts tests on its products to see what can be improved and what new and improved products can be introduced to the insulation market. By installing Eco therm installation into residential or commercial buildings you can also save money on energy bills. Ecotherm’s manufacturer certifications include:
ISO 9001: 2015,
ISO 14001: 2015
BS OHSAS 18001: 2007

Ecotherm Insulation Boards

Ecotherm Insulation boards are rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam boards. Each side of the board has a layer of aluminum foil composite coating surface which provides multipurpose use for a range of applications.
Ecotherm Insulation Boards are lightweight to make installation easy and can be used on a range of applications such as pitched roofs, flat roofs, floors, and walls. They are also ideal for household, ground-supported, or suspended concrete slab ground floors and have high dimensional stability. Ecotherm insulation board should always be used above the dpm.
See Ecotherm Insulation Board Features below:
Thermal Performance – thermal conductivity of 0,022W/mK. The foil facings provide a low emissivity surface which can reduce heat transfer through air space.
Fire performance – achieves BS476-7: 1997 class 1 rating.
Durability – when installed correctly the insulation boards can last as long as the building.
Compression Strength
Lightweight yet extremely strong.

Ecotherm Floor Insulation

EcoTherm provides rigid floor insulation boards suitable for solid, concrete, timber, and suspended floors. Floor insulation is important for the entire building to ensure to heat or cool air is kept in as well as out so the thermal quality of the building is maintained. The compressive strength of Ecotherm is key when insulating a floor. They can be used for:
Concrete floors
Suspended hollow pot floors
Timber floors
Foundation’s perimeter
Remedial overlay floors
Eco-UFH is the ideal product for underfloor heating. Other floor products include Ecotherm Eco-Versal, and Ecotherm Pro-versal.

Ecotherm Soffit Insulation

Ecotherm insulation can be used in semi-exposed soffits as particular products have been designed specifically for this use. Semi-exposed soffits include car parks and basements as well as office and residential blocks. This product is suitable for new builds, extensions, renovations, and upgrading existing soffits. Soffit insulation products include Pro-Soffit, and Pro-Soffit Plus which are insulation boards that great provide great thermal performance and Class O fire performance. PrO-Soffit Plus provides a range of facings to suit specific needs for particular products.