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Aluminium Foil tape is a market-leading product for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector. Foil tape is a silver high tack adhesive material designed to be applied to insulation materials as well as appliances and metals to provide extra protection from thermal bridging, moisture, and the effects of dust and moisture. The tape is 45m long and has thicknesses of 75mm and 100mm available. The final bond has high shear strength, and the foil promotes the optimum balance of surface conformity and tensile strength. This makes it ideal for lap sealing foil faced insulation materials, metal, and duct sealing.

Trade Insulations Foil Tape

Trade Aluminum Foil Tape – 100mm x 45m

£13.80 ex VAT
Trade Insulations Foil Tape

Trade Aluminum Foil Tape – 75mm x 45m

£11.40 ex VAT

Benefits of insulation tape

  • Perfect for sealing of joints, or jointing of aluminium insulation boards
  • Ensures flexible air duct seams and connections
  • Ideal for use on foil-faced pipe and slab sections
  • Protects surface against damage from dust, moisture, or fire – class ‘O’ rating
  • Suitable for interior or exterior use
  • High standards of reliability, strength, and durability
  • High tack adhesive
  • Consistent performance over a wide temperature range#
  • Versatile
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Helps ensure the insulation materials installed will be long lasting

How is foil tape applied to insulation materials?

Foil tape is applied to board that’s have been tightly butted together. The tape is applied to all line and joins between the boards, it can also be applied around the perimeter of the boards.

Does insulation tape improve insulation?

Foil tape can be the perfect insulation solution. It can quickly seal heating and cooling system ducts and protect them against moisture. This tape is much more effective than duct tape since its foil properties are stronger when used against the elements.

When to use foil tape?

Foil tape should be used when you are hoping to achieve airtightness and moisture resistance. They can be used across several applications as foil tape is versatile and durable. These include insulation, ventilation, and air conditioning projects.

The key benefit of using foil tape with insulation is that it reduces or prevents any air leakage preventing energy loss. It is suitable for use with foil-faced PIR boards, multifoils and vapour control layers. However, some insulation products require specific foil tapes to guarantee this. Foil tape can be used in both roof and wall applications. If you are overlapping vapour control layers or damp-proof membranes, foil tapes are also a solution for sealing any edges.