Aluminium Foil tape is a specialised adhesive tape that consists of a thin layer of metal foil, typically aluminium, coated with a strong adhesive on one side. This combination of materials results in a tape that is highly durable and resistant to moisture, heat, and chemicals.

This durability extends to its resistance to moisture, ensuring that the tape remains effective even in damp conditions where other adhesives might fail. Moreover, foil tape’s ability to resist heat makes it an ideal choice for applications exposed to high temperatures, such as HVAC systems and insulation installations. Aluminium Foil tape is also resistance to chemicals which enhances its versatility, allowing it to maintain its adhesive strength when in contact with solvents, oils, and other corrosive substances.

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Trade Insulations Foil Tape
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Trade Aluminum Foil Tape – 100mm x 45m

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Trade Insulations Foil Tape
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Trade Aluminum Foil Tape – 75mm x 45m

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Aluminium foil tape is available to buy on our website. Despite its sturdy construction, aluminium foil tape remains remarkably flexible, enabling easy manipulation around irregular shapes and contours for a seamless finish in multiple applications. This combination of durability, resistance, and flexibility makes foil tape an indispensable tool across construction industries, providing reliable performance in diverse environments and applications.

What are the benefits of using aluminium tape

  • Insulation: Perfect for sealing of joints or jointing of aluminium insulation boards and protects surfaces against damage from dust, moisture, or fire – class ‘O’ rating. The reflectivity of the foil makes an effective barrier against heat transfer helping to improve energy efficiency.
  • Versatile: Despite the secure construction of the tape, it remains flexible and easy to manipulate which allows for easy and seamless applications around edges and corners.
  • Application: Foil tape is also suitable for interior and exterior use and can be applied on PIR insulation boards, cavity wall boards, and insulation rolls and slabs.
  • Durable and long lasting: Due to its metal foil construction and high tack adhesive, foil tape is exceptionally durable and a well-used products for long-term solutions.
  • Reliability: Foil tape performs over a wide temperature range and ensures the insulation materials installed will be long lasting

How Is Aluminium Foil Tape Applied to Insulation Materials?

Aluminium foil tape is applied to boards that have been tightly butted together. The tape is applied to all joints between the boards, overlapping each board equally, creating a continuous barrier. It can also be applied around the perimeter of the boards to avoid thermal bridging.
Ensure the tape is applied firmly to the boards to form a tight seal with no lifts or air bubbles. Trim excess tape using a sharp knife or scissors. Apply multiple layers where extra protection is required.

75mm Foil Tape Vs 100mm Foil Tape

When comparing both 75mm and 100mm widths of foil tape, the difference lies within the width and coverage. The 75mm foil tape is the narrower of the pair and is suitable for smaller-scale applications where precision is essential. The 100mm foil tape provides and wider coverage area and as a result, offers greater efficiency when sealing larger seams. Both the 75mm and 100mm have the same durable and reliable construction and adhesive qualities and choosing the best tape for your project will depend on the type of application for example in insulations projects within the wall cavity, air flow is to be expected, therefore the wider tape would be a more suitable products to protect the property from high winds. Selecting the appropriate width of foil tape for your project ensures optimum performance and quality effectiveness.

Does Foil Tape Improve Insulation?

Foil tape can be the perfect insulation solution. It can quickly seal heating and cooling system ducts and protect them against moisture and damage caused from moisture build-up. This tape is much more effective than duct tape since its foil properties are stronger when used against the elements. Foil tape can prevent thermal bridging forming between board joins and helps to create a temperature-controlled environment.

When To Use Foil Tape?

Foil tape should be used when you are hoping to achieve airtightness and moisture resistance. They can be used across several applications as foil tape is versatile and durable. Applications can include sealing seams in roofing and insulation systems, patching, and reinforcing structures, as well as other applications where the prevention of air leaks is required.
Aluminium foil tape is commonly used on cavity wall insulation materials from the Celotex CW4000 range. The cavity wall PIR insulation boards are generally installed in between the inner and outer leaf of the exteriors walls whilst they are being constructed. The tape is applied to all board joints as they are being installed. This helps to prevent moisture and air flow developing within the building’s thermal envelop and encourages a temperature-controlled comfortable environment.
The key benefit of using foil tape with insulation is that it reduces and prevents air leakage preventing energy loss. It is suitable for use with foil-faced PIR boards, multifoils and vapour control layers. However, some insulation products require specific foil tapes to guarantee this. Foil tape can be used in both roof and wall applications. If you are overlapping vapour control layers or damp-proof membranes, foil tapes are also a solution for sealing any edges.
Here at Trade Insulations, we sell both sizes of 75mm aluminium foil tape and 100mm aluminium foil tape.