The Rockwool RW range is made up of RWA45, RW3, RW4, RW5 and RW6 insulation slabs. RW slabs are a robust solution to many building projects. They provide excellent fire, acoustic and thermal performance. On our website, you can find our best price on Rockwool RW slabs.

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The Rockwool RW Range is made up of insulation slabs. The slabs themselves are made from a high-quality mineral wool material, which is resin bonded into slabs. The RW range varies in density depending on the application. RW slabs have excellent acoustic, thermal and fire performance. In addition to this, RW slabs can be used in a variety of applications. This includes ceilings, floors, partition walls, floors, roofs and even general building applications. RW Slabs can be used as both acoustic and thermal insulation.

What is the difference between Rockwool RW Slabs?

Every RW slab is made up of the same material. The major difference between the RW slab range is the thermal density of each product. For example, RW3 slabs have a density of 60 kg/m3 whereas RW4 has a density of 80 kg/m3. Some building applications may require you to have a set density. This is why Rockwool has created the RW range to cater for different needs. Below you can find the density of each product in the RW range.

Rockwool ProductDensity
RWA4545 kg/m3
RW360 kg/m3
RW480 kg/m3
RW5100 kg/m3
RW5140 kg/m3

RW slabs are available in a variety of thicknesses. This ranges from 25mm all the way up to 150mm. In addition to this, every slab in the Rockwool range has the dimensions of 1200mm x 600mm. This means the total coverage per slab is 0.72m2 (You can always work out the coverage by multiplying the width by the height in meters – in this case, it is 1.2m x 0.6m = 0.72m2)

Rockwool has compiled their own datasheet with detailed information on every product in the Rockwool RW range, you can view this by clicking on the following link – Rockwool RW Range Datasheet

The Rockwool RW Slab range features both rigid and semi-rigid slabs. They are all bonded with a high-quality resin to create a finished product. RW slabs are often used because of their acoustic properties. In addition to this, all Rockwool RW slabs achieve a fire classification of Euroclass A1. This excellent fire rating means that the product can help delay the spread of fire and therefore minimise potential damage to buildings or even injuries to people, or animals.

Rockwool RW Slabs are water repellent but are not waterproof. Every RW slab boasts excellent thermal qualities – making it the ideal insulation slab of choice for most builders.

Are Rockwool RW Slabs Sustainable?

One of the great things about Rockwool is their promise on building a climate-resilient future. In their company statement, they say how they with to achieve sustainability. This is broken down into three core sections. Firstly, Rockwool says they will use less energy and fewer resources when manufacturing their products. Next, they claim that they will use as much green energy as they possibly can. Lastly, they make a promise to address climate hazards and stay ahead of the curve. In addition to this, Rockwool RW products achieve thermal properties. This means that less energy is needed to heat homes. This energy-saving could make a big impact on the planet.

Rockwool products are durable and made from sustainable materials. The Rockwool RW Slabs are made from molten basaltic rock and chalk, which are spun into fine fibres to create a dense fibre material. This formed material has a wool-like texture. This material can be pressed into slabs or made into rolls. The “Rock” in Rockwool refers to the basaltic rock used in the process. The “Wool” in Rockwool refers to the texture of the finished product. Rock mineral wool is a great material for insulation and is what the RW slabs are made of.