Whether you’re hoping to install insulation or fire protection systems in your home or business, let Trade Insulations help you get the job done right. We specialize in fire-resistant and fireproof insulation to help keep properties and people safe.
When you’re thinking about any product for your home, health and safety is obviously a priority—and insulation is no different. When it comes to health and safety properties, not all types of insulation are equal.
If a fire occurs, our fire-resistant insulation will slow its spread and growth. Rockwool stone wool emits no toxic smoke and protects the structure of the building, protecting both lives and investments. Discover our full range of fireproof insulation products.

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Knauf Fire Panel 12.5mm (2400mm x 1200mm) Square Edge (2.88m2)

£11.76 ex VAT

Knauf Fire Panel 12.5mm (2400mm x 1200mm) Tapered Edge (2.88m2)

£11.76 ex VAT

12.5mm Gyproc FireLine Plasterboard (2400 x 1200mm) – Square Edge

£11.51 ex VAT

12.5mm Siniat GTEC Fire V Board – Tapered Edge (2400 x 1200mm)

£11.61 ex VAT

15mm Gyproc FireLine Plasterboard (2400 x 1200mm) – Square Edge

£13.83 ex VAT

12.5mm Gyproc FireLine Plasterboard (1800 x 900mm) – Tapered Edge

£7.51 ex VAT

12.5mm Gyproc FireLine Plasterboard (3000 x 1200mm) – Square Edge

£14.48 ex VAT

15mm Gyproc FireLine Plasterboard (1800 x 900mm) – Tapered Edge

£7.51 ex VAT

15mm Gyproc FireLine Plasterboard (2400 x 1200mm) – Tapered Edge

£13.83 ex VAT

Knauf Fire Panel 15mm (2400mm x 1200mm) Square Edge

£15.31 ex VAT

Knauf Fire Panel 15mm (2400mm x 1200mm) Tapered Edge

£15.31 ex VAT

Knauf Insulation Flexible Slab – 50mm (1200 x 600mm)

£575.54 ex VAT

12.5mm Gyproc FireLine Plasterboard (1800 x 900mm) – Square Edge

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Knauf Insulation Flexible Slab – 100mm (1200 x 600mm)

£575.54 ex VAT

12.5mm Gyproc FireLine Plasterboard (2700 x 1200mm) – Square Edge

£12.95 ex VAT

15mm Gyproc FireLine Plasterboard (1800 x 900mm) – Square Edge

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What is Fireproof insulation?

Today, fire protection products are a crucial part of the construction and building industries. The importance of fire ratings and working according to building regulations is paramount and could save someone's life.

At Trade Insulations, our fire protection products provide a broad range of features. These features increase the safety of domestic, commercial, and industrial buildings. The goal is to not only reduce the risk of fires starting but also prevent them from spreading.

Fire Rated Insulation Ratings

Fire retardant insulation materials are classified in various ratings as seen below:

  • Combustibility (divided into seven classifications from A1 (non-combustible), A2 (limited combustibility) right through to F (easily flammable)
  • Smoke emission  during combustion (s1 (highest), s2 or s3 (lowest))
  • The level of production of flaming droplets/particles during combustion (d0 (highest), d1 or d2 (lowest))

Fireproof Mineral Wool

Mineral wool, also known as rock wool or stone wool, is a composite material made from natural raw materials, including stone and glass. The raw material is treated similarly to glass in that it is melted at high temperatures until it becomes molten and then spun into fibres, just like wool. After that, the wool is packaged into batts, rolls, or slabs.
Insulation made from mineral wool is fireproof and does not conduct heat. The material is therefore perfectly suited to environments with strict compliance requirements regarding fire safety.

Fireproof Fibreglass Insulation

Known also as glass fiber insulation or glass wool insulation, fiberglass insulation is a very effective thermal insulator as it's made up of glass fibers and a bonding agent created into air-filled, flexible insulation.
Since it’s made of glass, fiberglass is naturally non-combustible, meaning no additional fire-retardant chemical treatment is required. In fact, unfaced fiberglass is an acceptable fire block when installed in wood frames. Keep in mind that some fiberglass facings such as foil and kraft paper are combustible, but as long as faced insulation is installed with a code-approved barrier, it poses no additional fire hazard.

Fireproof Foil and Multifoil Insulation

Thermal insulation foil rolls come from top names such as Multifoil insulation is used in tandem with PIR boards, for example, to enhance thermal performance in areas where you may not have a lot of space to play with and is commonly used as loft insulation foil due to its highly insulating characteristics.

Fireproof Insulation Boards

Insulation boards are used in almost every part of a building, including roofs, walls, and floors. Insulation is not compromised with such a thin product. Typically, there will be foil-backed insulation (boards covered with aluminium foil) but there are other types as well, such as paper, bitumen, glass fleece, or plasterboard.

On our website, you will find our best price on fire-rated insulation boards as well as fire rated plasterboard.

Fire Rated Expanding Foam

It is possible to use expanding foam that has a fire rating of 240 minutes as an efficient seal against smoke and gas. Aside from its excellent filling characteristics, fire-rated foam also has high thermal properties and is a good acoustic insulator.

Certain types of spray foam perform poorly against fire on their own, igniting at just 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Consequently, there must be an approved thermal barrier covering all foam materials following the installation, such as a 1/2 inch Gypsum Board. Spray foam made of low-density polyurethane is more fire-resistant and won't sustain a flame.

House fires claim the lives of over 200 people each year in the UK, with the majority of fatalities occurring between 10 pm and 6 am, when people are asleep.

When you are asleep your sense of smell decreases to almost non-existent.

Residential and commercial buildings require fire protection products to be safe and durable. We offer fire-resistant insulation, fire-resistant board, batts, stop socks, sealants, glues, and sealants. Designed to withstand high temperatures and prevent the spread of fire, these items extend evacuation time and protect the building. You can select general application products or specific products such as fireproofing insulation for walls or floors.

Non-Combustible Insulation

Fire safety is more important than ever. There has been a rightly increased focus on fire safety over recent years. This combined with tightened health and safety regulations has meant that more builders are using non-combustible insulation. Non-combustible insulation is often made from mineral wool but it can also be made from glass wool and even multifoil. This means that many options are available to help protect a building from fire.

Non-combustible insulation can save lives. It is also energy efficient, which is better for the planet. At Trade Insulations, we offer fireproof insulation at the best prices. Non-Flammable Insulation is designed to not be able to set on fire easily. This can save lives and building damage by delaying or stopping the spread of fire.