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MF5 Plasterboard Ceiling Section 3600mm x 25mm

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The MF5 Ceiling system is a lightweight metal framing system designed for use with plasterboards. These components are usually out there to create a suspended frame to which plasterboards can be fixed.

The MF5 offers several advantages, including flexibility in its design. Making it easy to shape and mount to the desired angle and angle you desire. It offers the ability to accommodate services like lighting fixtures or ventilation ducts within the cavity created by the suspended ceiling.

The MF5 plasterboard ceiling sections are ideal for all of your domestic and commercial projects and applications. We suggest buying the MF5 for any of the following instalments:

  • Ventilation Grills
  • Speakers/Audio Systems
  • Fire sprinklers or Smoke Detectors
  • Light Fixtures

How to Install MF5 Ceiling Section

  1. Measure and mark out the layout of the framework on the ceiling. Install the metal framework. Along the outside of area making sure you create interval points across the ceiling.
  2. Attach the plasterboard. Measure and cut the plasterboard panels to fit within the MF5. Ensure a tight fit but leave a small gap between panels for expansion.
  3. Secure and finish the panels. Make sure to use MF20 screws to securely fasten the plasterboards into the MF5 for a secure fit. I would recommend using MF20 at regular intervals in the metal framework. You should fill in any gaps or joints with tape, and apply a slim coat of compound to get a smooth surface once finished.
  4. Final step. Once the joining compound has dried. Sand down the surface to achieve your seamless surface. Apply any paint or texture to complete the fixing to your desired style.

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