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MF17 25 x25 Angle 3600mm

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The MF17 25×25 (Metal Frame Plasterboard) angle is the main component for installing and suspending your MF ceiling systems. With its main purpose being to hold MF ceiling systems securely in the correct place from voids.

This suspension would be ideal for any domestic purpose whilst being suitable for any commercial projects, with the main purpose being a support stud to provide better performance. The beneficently of using the MF17 25×25 Hanger Angle to make maintenance and servicing your ceiling systems an effective way.

With the MF17 25×25 being known to cut easily and to shape and cut to your desired size, this hanger angle is known for being beneficial in your general applications in ceilings, dry lining and cloak deflection.

  • Fire Protected
  • Prevents ceiling from sagging
  • Acts as hanger
  • Improves Sound Insulation
  • Suitable for fixing all types of plasterboard
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Frames easily fit together

How to Install MF17

Materials You Will Need:

  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Main Runners
  • Cross tees
  • Wall Angle
  • MF20 Nails
  • Level
  • Measuring Tape
  • Tin Snips
  • Drill

Ideally firstly measure the room. This will determine the number of ceiling tiles and length of runners you will need to purchase.

  1. When installing the MF17 25X25, Begin to attach the wall angle along the perimeter of the room. Make sure to attach the MF17 25X25 securely. We suggest also using a self-leveller to identify whether you have a level surface to begin attaching the struts.
  2. Install the main runners: Install the main runners perpendicular to the wall angle, using the measuring tape to ensure an equal distance between each runner. The distance should be based on the size of your ceiling tiles, usually 2 to 4 feet apart.
  3. Cut the main runners: Use tin snips to cut the main runners to size as needed.
  4. Attach the cross tees: Insert cross tees into the slots on the main runners, evenly spaced according to your tile size. Be sure the cross tees are installed perpendicular to the main runners.
  5. Cut the cross tees: Use tin snips to cut the cross tees to the correct lengths as needed.
  6. Install ceiling tiles: Finally, place the ceiling tiles into the open frame created by the runners and cross tees. Adjust if needed to fit snugly.

MF17 Suspension Angle is used for various purposes but the main purpose is to hold MF Ceiling in its place from voids. It is compatible with all types of buildings, whether refurbished or newly built. These suspenders are ideal for domestic as well as commercial purposes. Mostly it is needed in stud walls for better performance. It helps to create void above the MF ceiling for the purposes of services and maintenance.

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Material Type



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