Party wall insulation is an insulation material designed to be installed between semi-detached or terraced properties. The gap in the wall between you and your neighbour’s property is called a party wall. When a party wall is insulated, it prevents cold air from moving up and down the side of the house, which causes heat loss. Around 5 million homes could benefit from party wall insulation. At Trade Insulations, we offer our very best prices on party wall insulation.

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If the property has cavity walls, then the party wall may also have a cavity. Sometimes these cavities are sealed which prevents air flowing through them and heat loss however if your party wall cavity has vents connecting to the outside air, then cold air will flow into the cavity taking heat from all the adjoining rooms and drawing it up into the loft space.

How is cavity wall insulation installed?

Always call a specialist to install your Cavity wall insulation to prevent problems occurring in the future or damages being made to the property.
Cavity party walls are insulated by drilling a hole in the relevant walls and then injecting mineral wool, polystyrene beads, or other types of insulation materials into the cavity.
The drill hole is then filled, and the wall is refinished to match the rest of the wall.
Party wall insulation is provided by several brands including Rockwool, Isover and Knauf, and others.

Cheap Party Wall Insulation

Party wall insulation will make your home warmer and provide a more comfortable environment. It will save you up to £90 per year on your energy bills and make your home more energy-efficient by reducing the carbon footprint. It can also reduce the sound levels caused by neighboring properties. It will not cause too much disruption in your home to install as no scaffolding is needed and the insulation is injected into the walls as opposed to dismantling the walls.
Funded energy-efficient opportunities are now available for millions of homes in the UK. You can see if you qualify for fully funded party wall insulation online today. As well as this, if you have party wall insulation installed and you have an old or inefficient boiler you may also qualify for an upgrade on your boiler for free!
A party wall agreement may be needed when installing building works that is connected to another property. The affected neighbours must be informed and provided with a party wall notice; a party wall agreement should be made in writing by you.

Masonry Party Wall Slab is an insulation slab made up of glass mineral wool designed for use in masonry separating party walls. It offers great thermal quality and acoustic performance. It is moisture resistance, rot-proof and odorless. This product is lightweight and easy to cut, handle and install. This product is 1200mm by 455mm and is available in thicknesses 75mm and 100mm. It is non-combustible insulation with the best possible Euroclass A1 reaction to fire classification and is manufactured using Knauf Insulation's unique bio-based binder, ECOSE® Technology.