Kingspan Kooltherm K112, formerly known as Kingspan Kooltherm K12, is used between studs or as an insulation sheathing in both timber frame and steel frame walls. When installed in constructions Kooltherm K112 offers premium performance with a thermal conductivity as low as 0.018 W/mK.

Kingspan Kooltherm K112 is made up of a rigid phenolic core and is faced on both sides with low emissivity foil to give that low thermal conductivity. This makes this framing board insulation product perfect for new builds and refurbishment projects since it’s easy to install and handle. In a refurbishment project, this wall insulation can bring u-values even lower in areas where you previously might not have thought about insulating.

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Resistant to the passage of water vapour, installing Kooltherm K112 as insulation sheathing can be a good idea to ensure other insulation types are kept safe and performing. This is also down to the fact that Kooltherm K112 isn’t affected by air infiltration.



Ensure the timber frame has been installed correctly and the timber frame wall is ready for insulation to be applied.


Measure the space between each timber frame in the wall. Please note that in not all cavities within the wall will have same measurement. Each space should be measured separately, and the board should be cut to fit each individual space. Once you have taken your measurement, cut the insulation board to size using a fine-toothed saw.

Then push the insulation board in the space within the timber frame as far back as possible. Make sure the boards sit flush with the wall from top to bottom with no projections. If the board is fitted too tightly into the timber frames, the fine-toothed hand saw can be run down each side of the insulation board to achieve a better fit.

If the insulation is flush with the inside surface of the studs, treated softwood battens can be nailed to the side of the studs to prevent the insulation boards from moving too far into the cavity and to achieve a flush finish if the insulation boards are not as thick as the timer frame.

Step 3:

Continue until the timber frame wall studs are filled within the insulation. Cut off can be used to fill any small gap in the insulation. Where insulation board have been butted together, a foil tape with I minimum measurement of 50mm can be applied to each join to avoid thermal bridging.

See the Kingspan guide on how to insulate a timber frame wall below.

Key features of K112 Cavity Boards include:

  • Full fill cavity insulation
  • Resists moisture penetration
  • Unaffected by air infiltration
  • Easy application
  • Non-deleterious material
  • High compressive strength

The K112 Framing Board is conducted of a phenolic rigid board which is bonded to low emissivity composite foil facings on each side during manufacturing. This reflective, low surface enhances the thermal resistance of any unaired cavity adjacent to the board

This product provides excellent compressive strength and thermal performance. The board can have an indefinite lifespan providing it is installed correctly. The boards are water resistant which means it will prevent mould or rot from developing in the boards and microbial growth even if there is condensation in the installation area. Condensation can be controlled, in areas containing Kooltherm K112. This is accomplished by ensuring there is a high vapour resistance on the warm side of the insulation layer. Vapour resistant is increased when vapour check plasterboards are added.

The core is also resistant to petrol and most dilute acids, alkalis, and mineral oils when in contact short term. It is recommended, should the boards come into to contact with any liquids, that they are cleaned off and left to dry asap. Guidelines should be read when using this product as particular solvent-based adhesive can affect the boards and should not be used, particularly those containing methyl, ethyl, and ketone. Damaged boards or boards that have been in contact with harsh solvents or acids should not be used.

By insulating your property, you are creating a more energy-efficient environment. This will also save you money on up to 75% of your energy bills as well as providing a comfortable temperature-controlled environment.

Kingspan K112 can be installed in a range of methods. These methods include:

  • Insulation Between Timber Frame Studs with K118 Fixed Internally
  • Insulation Between Timber Frame Studs and Insulated Sheathing
  • Insulation Between Timber Frame Studs with K118 Fixed Internally
  • Insulation Between Timber Frame Studs and Insulated Sheathing
  • Insulation Between Timber Frame Studs with K118 Fixed Internally
  • Insulated Sheathing on Steel Frame
  • Insulated Sheathing on Timber Frame


Manufactured in accordance with:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management Systems. Requirements)
  • ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Management Systems. Requirements)
  • ISO 45001: 2018 (Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems)
  • ISO 50001: 2018 (Energy Management Systems)
  • BBA Certificate 16/5299.

More Information:
Available thicknesses: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm
Length: 2400mm
Width: 1200mm
Thermal Conductivity: 0.018 W/m.K
Material: Phenolic
Inner facing: Composite foil
Finishing: Squared Edge


ThicknessThermal Conductivity Thermal ResistanceLength Width Slabs Area Per Pack
(mm)(W/mK)(m2K/W)(m)(mm)Per Pack (m2)
Kingspan K112