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Recticel Eurowall Cavity board is a specialist high-performance insulation material, designed for the application of cavity walls to improve the thermal quality within commercial or residential buildings. This board consists of a polyisocyanurate (PIR) core with each side bonded to gas-diffusion tight and multi-layered metal foil facings to improve thermal conductivity. Recticel Eurowall cavity boards have precision-cut straight edges to ensure boards can be closely butted together during application.

Eurowall By Recticel

Recticel Eurowall 100mm Cavity Wall Board (1200mm x 450mm) – 5.4m2 pack

£89.00 ex VAT
Eurowall By Recticel

Recticel Eurowall 50mm Cavity Wall Board (1200mm x 450mm) – 10.8m2 pack

£103.40 ex VAT
Eurowall By Recticel

Recticel Eurowall 90mm Cavity Wall Board (1200mm x 450mm) – 5.4m2 pack

£89.00 ex VAT
Eurowall By Recticel

Recticel Eurowall 40mm Cavity Wall Board (1200mm x 450mm) – 12.96m2 pack

£104.00 ex VAT
Eurowall By Recticel

Recticel Eurowall 30mm Cavity Wall Board (1200mm x 450mm) – 17.28m2 pack

£119.00 ex VAT
Eurowall By Recticel

Recticel Eurowall 70mm Cavity Wall Board (1200mm x 450mm) – 7.56m2 pack

£104.00 ex VAT
Eurowall By Recticel

Recticel Eurowall 75mm Cavity Wall Board (1200mm x 450mm) – 6.45m2 pack

£81.00 ex VAT
Eurowall By Recticel

Recticel Eurowall 60mm Cavity Wall Board (1200mm x 450mm) – 8.64m2 pack

£98.99 ex VAT
Eurowall By Recticel

Recticel Eurowall 80mm Cavity Wall Board (1200mm x 450mm) – 6.48m2 pack

£99.00 ex VAT

The Eurowall boards are 1200mm by 450mm with thicknesses between 50mm and 100mm with a thermal conductivity of just 0.022W/mK. This product is extremely durable and when installed correctly can provide reliable long term thermal performance that will continue to last for the entire lifetime of the building. Cavity wall boards help to provide a more temperature-controlled environment meaning warmer winters and cooler summers. The boards are lightweight, tough, flexible, and easy to cut, handle, and install.



  • Available for new builds or refurbishments
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Wide range of thicknesses to suit project needs
  • No degradation or deterioration if exposed to moisture
  • Straight Edge finish on all sides
  • Limited moisture absorption
  • Designed for cavity walls up to 25m
  • Good compressive strength
  • Quick installation
  • CFC and HCFC free
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Suitable for flood risk areas


Eurowall can be easily cut using a fine-toothed saw by measuring and marking the board and placing the board on a higher surface to allow the saw to cut though. The boards can also be cut with a sharp knife by scoring one side of the board, snapping over a hard edge, and scoring the other side.

Packaging and storage:

Eurowall should be stored indoors and on a flat surface. If indoor storage is not an option, ensure the boards are protected with the correct weatherproofing materials. Boards that have been allowed to get wet should not be used. Although the boards are rigid, excess weight and standing on the boards should be avoided as the boards can begin to crumble from the inside due to too much pressure on the boards core.


Correctly insulating your home or office space can mean saving you money on up to 30% of your energy bills whilst creating a more sustainable environment. By reducing the heat levels escaping your property, you are contributing to the reduction of climate change and global warming.


Recticel Eurowall Cavity Boards can be installed in a range of methods. These methods include:

  • Partial fill cavity wall applications
  • Pitched frame wall applications
  • Rendered Dense Block and Block Cavity Wall applications
  • Brick And Block Cavity Wall applications

Please see below our Recticel Eurowall Cavity Board datasheet and safety regulations.

Safety Certifications:

  • CE marked in accordance with BS EN 13165
  • ISO 14001 environmental management system
  • ISO 9001 quality management system
  • BBA Certificate 02/3908
  • Fire Performance: Euroclass F, EN 13501-1
  • Water Vapour: EN ISO 10456μ 50-100

More Information:
Brand: Recticel Eurowall
Length: 1200mm
Width: 450mm
Thicknesses: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm
Thermal Conductivity: 0.022W/mK
Material: Polyisocyanurate (PIR), Foil
Colour: Cream, Silver


Thickness (mm)Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)Thermal Resistance M2K/WLength (mm)Width (mm)

Installation guide:

  1. Fit the cavity insulation boards between the outer leaf and inner leaf of wall as it is being constructed. The boards should be fitted between the two rows of wall ties. Ensure the boards are tightly butted and secured by the retaining discs at a minimum of three points.
  2. continue installing rows of boards with all joints tightly butted to avoid thermal bridging and vertical joints staggered in a brick-bond pattern whilst applying wall ties into brickwork.
  3. If necessary, a double layer of insulation boards can be installed in between the inner leaf and outer leaf so long as the vertical joints of the boards do not coincide, and the thickest layer is positioned outermost.
  4. At gable ends, continue the wall insulation to 250mm above the height of the internal ceiling insulation and install a cavity tray over the boards.
  5. At all stages of the work, ensure the residual cavity is kept clean and free from mortar droppings or other debris. Wipe clean if mortar drips should occur. The use of a cavity board is recommended in order to protect board edges and maintain a clear cavity.
  6. Ensure all joints are accurately cut in order to maintain the continuity of the insulation layer.


  • At the end of each day’s work, or during any interruption in building works, the exposed unfinished cavity insulation materials should be covered to protect the board from the elements and avoid damage.
  • Boards with damaged edges or corners or boards that have been damaged by extreme weather conditions should not be used.
  • Always consult a building professional before having insulation installed within your residential or commercial building. Insulation installed incorrectly can be a time consuming and costly error.