Siniat Fire V board is a dry lining board made up of a gypsum core with strong paper linings bonded to each side and an integrated vapour control layer designed for the application of internal walls to prevent the spread of fire within residential and commercial buildings. GTEC boards are easy to cut, handle, and install.

The boards are composed of Aerated Calcium sulphate di-hydrate enclosed inside liners made from recycled wastepaper with bound edges. Core and papers are bonded with starch. Edge glue is PVA. GTEC boards are a quick and efficient way to complete a room with a professional finish.

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These boards come in size 2400mm by 1200mm and in thicknesses of 12.5mm and 15mm with a tapered edge. Tapered edge boards can be taped and filled for the perfect flush finish, and they can accept a single coat of gypsum plaster in most cases. The board name and batch number can be found written at the back and on the long edges of the board.

The Fire V Board prevent the spread of fire throughout the building and are often installed in the areas separating rooms such as ceilings, partition walls and hallways. Installing a single layer of 15mm Fire V Boards within a metal stud, a non-loadbearing partition system can achieve 1 hour of fire resistance.


  • Available for new builds or refurbishments
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Laminated Vapour Control
  • Easy installation with reduced time
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Sizes designed to suit every project
  • Contributes to acoustic improvements
  • Light Ivory paper facing
  • The boards can be fixed with drywall screws
  • Suitable for direct decoration
  • High resistance to deformation
  • Singular or multiple layer applications
  • Accepts wide range of paint and finishing products
  • Easily finished with plaster

Siniat boards can be cut to size by scoring one side of the board with a sharp knife, snapping the board over a hard edge, and then scoring the other side. Holes for sockets etc can be cut with a utility saw.

Fire Boards should be stored internally on a flat surface. If indoor storage is not an option, ensure the correct weatherproofing materials have been applied and the boards are off the ground. If the boards should be allowed to get wet do not use them. Do not put any excess weight onto the boards as although they are rigid, they can crumble from the inside due to too much pressure.

Siniat offers a range of plasterboard materials including GTEC standard boards, GTEC Fire V boards, GTEC dB panels, GTEC Moisture boards, and Thermal PIR Boards. All boards are versatile, providing a high-performance finish for all building interiors. Different boards can be applied for specifications such as sound control, fire protection and moisture-resistance. Wallboards are a must-have within the construction industry and used by builders, contractors, and for do-it-yourself projects. This wide range means there is a board for every project.