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Siniat Fire Board stands as a formidable plasterboard specifically engineered to provide fire resistance, making it an exemplary choice for applications in stud partitions, wall linings, and ceiling systems. This remarkable board offers an impressive 60 minutes of fire resistance when incorporated into a single 15mm layer of a Siniat metal stud non-loadbearing partition system, emphasising its ability to enhance fire safety in various construction scenarios.

Furthermore, the Siniat Fire Board complies with the rigorous standards outlined in BS EN 520, specifically Types D and F, underlining its commitment to meeting stringent requirements. The primary advantage of this fire board lies in its capability to achieve a full 60 minutes of fire resistance within a slender 15mm single layer of a Siniat metal stud non-loadbearing partition system. This attribute makes it a good choice for creating fire-rated partitions in both residential and commercial projects, where safety and compliance are paramount.

To facilitate easy identification of this fire-rated plasterboard on-site, the front face is distinctly coloured pink. This colour coding follows the established industry practice in the UK, where “pink plasterboard” universally denotes fire-rated plasterboard. This visual cue simplifies the selection process and ensures that the fire-resistant board is used in the appropriate areas, further enhancing fire protection measures in construction projects.

Siniat Fire Board

15mm Siniat GTEC Fire Plasterboard – Tapered Edge (2400 x 1200mm) – 2.88m2

£18.57 ex VAT
Siniat Fire Board

12.5mm Siniat GTEC Fire Plasterboard – Tapered Edge (2400 x 1200mm) – 2.88m2

£14.26 ex VAT

Siniat Fire Boards come in dimensions measuring 2400mm by 1200mm, and they are available in two thicknesses, 12.5mm and 15mm, presenting a versatile range for different applications. Notably, these boards are designed with a tapered edge, which facilitates seamless taping and filling, resulting in a perfectly flush finish. In most cases, a single coat of gypsum plaster is all that's required for a polished surface. You can easily identify the board name and batch number on the back and along the long edges of each board.

Siniat Fire Boards play a crucial role in enhancing fire safety within buildings. They are commonly installed in areas that act as fire barriers, including ceilings, partition walls, and hallways. Their primary function is to retard the spread of fire, thereby contributing to the overall safety of the structure.

GTEC Fire Board by Siniat offers a robust solution to fire resistance. The boards are known for their enhanced strength and durability, making them ideal for situations where standard plasterboard may not suffice. The front face of GTEC Fire Board is distinguished by its pink colour, while the back is grey. The long edges of the board are tapered to ensure smooth, professional finishes.

The composition of the board features Aerated Calcium sulfate di-hydrate with fillers and fibers enclosed within liners made from recycled waste paper, with bound edges for added stability. The core and papers are securely bonded using starch, and the edge glue is PVA.

GTEC Fire Board is fully compliant with BS EN 520:2004+A1:2009, meeting the standards categorised under Type D and F.

One of the notable benefits of working with these boards is the ease of cutting using the 'score and snap' method, eliminating the need for power tools and simplifying the installation process.

Advantages of Siniat Fire Board

  • Suitable for new builds or refurbishments
  • Fire-Resistant properties
  • Easy installation with reduced time
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Sizes designed to suit every project
  • The boards can be fixed with drywall screws
  • Stronger than standard plasterboard
  • Accepts wide range of paint and finishing products

Reasons to use Siniat Fire Rated Plasterboard

Fire-rated plasterboard is a critical element in construction and building projects. Its primary role is to enhance fire safety and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Using Siniat Fire board can serve multiple purposes, which are stated below.

Firstly, fire-rated plasterboard is designed to slow or prevent the spread of fire within a building, protecting both lives and property. In addition to this, many building codes necessitate the use of fire-rated materials in specific areas to ensure compliance with safety standards. The use of Siniat fire wallboard can help to contain a fire. This is done by compartmentalising a building and therefore limiting the spread of fire and providing essential containment.

In the event of a fire, fire rated plasterboard helps maintain the structural integrity of a building, delaying the potential for structural collapse.

When it comes to fire protection, it's imperative to consult with building professionals and adhere to local regulations to ensure proper usage.

Can you paint Siniat Fire Rated Plasterboard?

Yes, Siniat Fire Rated Plasterboards can be painted. Siniat recommend applying gypsum finishing plaster that adheres to the standards set in BS EN 13279-1:2008. They also say that the boards should be primed with an appropriate sealer before decorating.

Fire plasterboards present a crucial element in fire-resistant construction. When it comes to enhancing the fire resistance of such structures, the application of paint offers versatile options. The choice lies between two primary methods: direct paint application or plastering followed by painting.

For optimal effectiveness and fire protection, the utilisation of intumescent fire-rated paint is highly recommended. This specialised paint type is designed to react when exposed to high temperatures, swelling and forming a protective barrier that retards the spread of flames and heat. It's a key ingredient in ensuring the integrity of the fire-resistant design, making it an invaluable asset in safeguarding buildings and their occupants.

Moreover, the benefits of intumescent fire-rated paint are not limited to fire-resistant surfaces alone. This remarkable paint can also be applied to other Siniat panels, imparting a measure of fire resistance to them. This means that even in areas where fire-rated plasterboard is not in use, such as partitions or non-structural elements, the application of intumescent fire-rated paint can also enhance overall fire safety. Where fire safety is crucial, it is recommended that you use a fire rated plasterboard. As always, we advise that you consult a building professional for specialist help when it comes to construction and all things health and safety.

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