Siniat Db board is a dense plasterboard made up of a gypsum core with strong paper linings bonded to each side designed for the application of internal walls to prevent noise from traveling throughout a residential and commercial buildings. GTEC boards are easy to cut, handle, and install.

The boards are composed of Aerated Calcium sulphate di-hydrate enclosed inside liners made from recycled wastepaper with bound edges. Core and papers are bonded with starch. Edge glue is PVA. GTEC boards are a quick and efficient way to complete a room with a professional finish.

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The Db board provides superior acoustic performance and is used where sound insulation is critical. Sound insulation is often installed in partition walls and ceilings within multiple property types including houses, offices spaces, hotels, and so on. This is to reduce noise levels travelling between spaces and to create a more comfortable environment, preventing noise from neighbours, media products, footsteps, and so on. DB Boards can cut-out noise up to 45 Rw dB when using a single layer of 15mm each side of a partition system.


  • Excellent acoustic qualities
  • Reduced noise transmissions
  • Available for new builds or refurbishments
  • Fire-Resistant of 30 minutes
  • Stronger and heavier than standard plasterboard
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Sizes designed to suit every project
  • The boards can be fixed with drywall screws
  • Suitable for direct decoration
  • High resistance to deformation
  • Singular or multiple layer applications
  • Accepts wide range of paint and finishing products
  • Easily finished with plaster