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What is Acoustic Insulation?

Acoustic insulation is soundproofing insulation that creates a barrier between the wall/floor/ceiling that stops sound from entering or leaving. There are many ways to soundproof your building. You could use an acoustic roll, acoustic slabs, or soundproofing plasterboard. See below for some of the products we supply to best help you’re soundproofing project. From Rockwool RWA45 to Knauf acoustic roll we have a great selection of products to suit your project.

Knauf Insulation Acoustic Roll (2x600mm)

  • Non-combustible A1 Euroclass Reaction to Fire
  • Excellent sound absorption characteristics
  • Proven test results with all major brands of
    plasterboard to provide assured compliance with
    sound-related building regulations.

Knauf acoustic roll comes in the following pack sizes –

Knauf insulation acoustic roll (2×600) – 25mm thick
Knauf insulation acoustic roll (2×600) – 50mm thick
Knauf insulation acoustic roll (2×600) – 75mm thick
Knauf insulation acoustic roll (2×600) – 100mm thick

The Knauf acoustic rolls, also known as partition wall rolls have amazing soundproofing qualities and because of the great value of this product, it is very popular with builders & homeowners. Please visit the Knauf product page on our website for more information.

K107 Kingspan

Knauf Soundshield Plus Panel 12.5mm (2400mm x 1200mm) Square Edge (2.88m2)

The Knauf sounsheild plus panel is used in partitions and lining systems, offers great acoustic performance, excellent fire resistance. When building partition walls many builders will fill the void with Knauf acoustic roll then overboard with Knauf soundsheild plus. Knauf soundsheild plus panel comes in the following sizes –

Knauf soundsheild plus panel – 2400x1200x12.5mm
Knauf soundsheild plus panel – 2400x1200x15mm
Knauf soundsheild plus panel – 2700x1200x12.5mm
Knauf soundsheild plus panel – 2700x1200x15mm
Knauf soundsheild plus panel – 3000x1200x12.5mm
Knauf soundsheild plus panel – 3000x1200x15mm

Knauf Soundshield Panel

The Rockwool RW range

Rockwool has an extensive range of acoustic insulation in their RW range. We have listed out all of the Acoustic Rockwool range below. Starting with Rockwool RWA45 all the way through to Rockwool Flexi. It is usually used on timber frameworks for partition walls/floors to stop the sound from passing through. Due to their high-density Rockwool, acoustic insulation proves to be one of the most popular choices by builders and DIY. To view the Rockwool acoustic range please check out the Rockwool page for full details.

Rockwool RWA45 Range

Rockwool RWA45 25mm
Rockwool RWA45 30mm
Rockwool RWA45 40mm
Rockwool RWA45 50mm
Rockwool RWA45 60mm
Rockwool RWA45 75mm
Rockwool RWA45 100mm

Rockwool RW3 Range

Rockwool RW3 30mm
Rockwool RW3 40mm
Rockwool RW3 50mm
Rockwool RW3 60mm
Rockwool RW3 75mm
Rockwool RW3 100mm

Rockwool RW4 Range

Rockwool RW4 100mm

Rockwool RW5 Range

Rockwool RW5 25mm
Rockwool RW5 30mm
Rockwool RW5 50mm
Rockwool RW5 75mm
Rockwool RW5 100mm

Rockwool Flexi Range

Rockwool Flexi 50mm
Rockwool Flexi 60mm
Rockwool Flexi 70mm
Rockwool Flexi 90mm
Rockwool Flexi 100mm
Rockwool Flexi 120mm
Rockwool Flexi 140mm

Knauf Rocksilk RS45 slab

Knauf Rocksilk RS45 slab 25mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS45 slab 30mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS45 slab 40mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS45 slab 50mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS45 slab 60mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS45 slab 75mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS45 slab 100mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS45 slab 150mm

Knauf Rocksilk RS60 slab

Knauf Rocksilk RS60 slab 25mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS60 slab 40mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS60 slab 50mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS60 slab 60mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS60 slab 75mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS60 slab 100mm

Knauf Rocksilk RS100 slab

Knauf Rocksilk RS100 slab 25mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS100 slab 40mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS100 slab 50mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS100 slab 75mm
Knauf Rocksilk RS100 slab 100mm

Knauf Rocksilk Flexible slab

Knauf Rocksilk Flexible slab 50mm
Knauf Rocksilk Flexible slab 60mm
Knauf Rocksilk Flexible slab 70mm
Knauf Rocksilk Flexible slab 90mm
Knauf Rocksilk Flexible slab 100mm
Knauf Rocksilk Flexible slab 140mm

Rockwool & Knauf are two of the industry’s leading manufacturers that supply acoustic insulation. At Trade Insulations we have very strong relationships with both companies and are able to supply their products to the trade & DIY at very competitive prices. So depending on the application there are many ways to soundproof your project, all at an affordable price.

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