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Quinn Therm Rebrand to ‘Mannok’

The new identity for Quinntherm – also known as ‘Quinn Industrial holdings’ – has now been revealed as new brand ‘MANNOK’. The company rebrand has also unveiled their strong financial details from 2019 which put them in the strongest position since 2014.
The brand Mannok has been a 5-year transformation and structured investment programme which has put the business in a strong position as provider of sustainable building and packing solutions which has come with a sale increase of over 30%.
Mannok’s rebrand was put into place November 2020 however has taken 12 months to be fully complete. The Mannok brand continues to show strong commitments to the Irish and UK markets.
The name has displayed the company’s roots in Fermanagh and Cavan region and is from the Gaelic Fear Manach’. It has reflected the company pride in their roots and dedication to the communities from their region and the people there who are the essence of the organisation’s success.
The new identity resonates well with domestic and international stakeholders which is an important consideration given the company’s increasing export focus.
An overview from 2019 showed another increase of earnings to £26.6m with an investment increase of £10.5m which mark the fifth successful year of increase in earning for Quinntherm despite Brexit and price increases.


Performance Highlights:

  • Earnings increased from €26.4m to €26.6m, despite Brexit H2 challenges.
  • A 2.5 percent dip in turnover from €240m in 2018 to €234m in 2019 reflects lower pricing in line with market trends, with overall numbers comparable to 2018 levels.
  • Investment of €11.5m in the period brings total company investment to €60m since acquisition in 2014.
  • The 2019 outturn reveals the strong underlying performance of the business, despite a very difficult latter part of the year because of the continuing BREXIT uncertainty.

Quinntherm Industrial Holdings have been celebrated in the past for achievements in health and safety, sustainability, and important areas of focus. These achievements will continue to be shown under the new brand Mannok. Mannok continues to manufacture insulation materials such as insulation boards, therm roof, cavity slabs and, floor insulation.

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