Isover is part of the leading group Saint-Gobain. Founded in 1937 Isover has over 80 years of experience and has grown to become one of the top manufacturers in Insulation’s materials. Isover now has over 10,000 employees within 107 countries.
Saint-Gobain ISOVER creates efficient thermal and acoustical insulation solutions to design energy-efficient constructions, to provide safe comfort for users, and to help protect the environment.

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Isover 34 Cavity Wall Slabs
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125mm Isover Cavity Wall Slabs 34 (CWS 34) – 1200 x 455mm – 65.6m2 pallet

£779.00 ex VAT
Isover 34 Cavity Wall Slabs
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150mm Isover Cavity Wall Slabs 34 (CWS 34) – 1200 x 455mm – 65.6m2 pallet

£929.00 ex VAT
Isover 36 Cavity Wall Slabs
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100mm Isover Cavity Wall Slabs 36 (CWS 36) – 1200 x 455mm – 6.55m2 pack

£35.85 ex VAT
Isover 34 Cavity Wall Slabs
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100mm Isover Cavity Wall Slabs 34 (CWS 34) – 1200 x 455mm – 87.4m2 pallet

£833.81 ex VAT

Isover Insulation

Isover is a global leader in insulation. They design and manufacture wool insulation products, which are renowned in the industry. With over 100 years of experience, Isover is constantly improving their products and processes to further better their sustainability. On our website, you can find a whole range of Isover products. This includes both Isover's stone wool and glass wool products. Furthermore, these products are available in slabs or rolls.

Isover's spacesaver loft roll are ideal for loft applications. They are easy to fit and handle. In addition to this, Isover acoustic rolls are perfect for helping to soundproof indoor spaces. Isover RD party wall slabs are designed for use in party walls. Lastly, on our website you can also find Isover cavity wall slabs for cavity wall applications. All of these products are extremely easy to handle and install.

What is Isover

Isover provides a range of high-performing insulation solutions that are used to insulate countless homes, buildings, and transportation applications all over the UK. Thousands of professionals choose Isover to provide great performing insulation while being energy efficient.

Isover aims to create a balanced thermal environment by using insulation to create an airtight envelope around the building, together with mechanical or natural ventilation which will help control the indoor thermal environment. Providing the correct insulation in your residential or commercial building can save up to 30% on your yearly heating or cooling bill.


Isover have made the following statement: 'we care about building better for people and the planet by offering solutions that deliver sustainability and performance.'.

It is evident that Isover are committed to making indoor environments more comfortable and safer. In addition to this, Isover products are designed to reduce a buildings environmental impact. Below are some key points on the sustainability of Isover:

  • More than 70% of Isover glass wool production waste is recycled which prevents landfilling.
  • Glass wool is fully recyclable.
  • Glass wool is made of up to 90% recycled glass
  • Isover launched the first closed-loop recycle service for construction and demolition glass wool waste in France.
  • Stone wool is made up of 30% recycled stone wool waste.
  • Stone Wool products are made from 97% Volcanic Raw Materials.

Isover Products

Isover uses Mineral wool to produce several insulation products. Mineral Wool is a material that traps in the air, making it one of the most effective insulation materials and is used by builders all over the UK. The porous and elastic composition of the wool can also absorb noise adding an acoustic advantage to the building. Mineral wool is a hard-wearing material and does not fuel fire or generate flames. Their products are used to form rolls, slabs, pipe selections, and loose wool.

Isover produces 3 types of mineral wool:

  • Glass wool, made mainly from sand and recycled glass.
  • Stone wool, made mainly from volcanic rock.
  • Mineral Wool / Ultimate Mineral Wool, mainly made from either fibre of stone and slag wool or slag and stone.

Isover Spacesaver Loft Roll

Isover Spacesaver Loft Roll is a high-quality mineral wool insulation that comes in a roll formation. Loft rolls are used for thermal applications in the cold roof and loft floors. This product is lightweight and easy to manage, cut, and install. This Product covers 6.03m2, is water-resistant, and has a Euroclass 1 reaction to fire. Thermal conductivity 0.044W.mK.

Isover Acoustic Partition Roll:

The Isover Acoustic Partition Roll is used in partition walls and floors with sound in mind to reduce the noise traveling through your home or work environment. It is a non-combustible glass mineral wool roll which is a lightweight material making it easy to cut, manage and install. This product is made of recycled materials and is thoroughly tested to create the best quality. This product provides a non-aging lifetime performance, excellent thermal performance, and is rot-proof and fire-safe. Thermal Conductivity 0.043W.mK.

Isover Cavity Slabs:

Cavity insulation slabs consist of a silicone glass mineral wool slab bonded with a thermosetting resin. This well-constructed Isover batt cavity wall slab is used to provide thermal insulation in the masonry cavity. It is generally installed in between the building's inner and outer leaf. This product is non-combustible, easy to cut, manage and install. It provides excellent thermal and acoustic performance and has a Euroclass A1 reaction to fire. Thermal Conductivity 0.032W.mK.


Full datasheets and accreditations can be found on the product pages of each Isover product. You will also be able to find technical specifications of each individual product. This can help you to find the perfect insulation product for you. In addition to this, you can find detailed Isover technical documents downloads on the Isover website.