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Knauf Moisture Panel is a moisture resistant plasterboard, which is ideal for receiving a plaster finish or a direct decoration. The Knauf Moisture Panel is often used in high humidity areas. This includes kitchens, toilets or bathrooms. You can purchase Knauf Moisture Panel Plasterboards directly from our website.

Knauf Moisture Panel Plasterboard

Knauf Plasterboard Moisture Panel 12.5mm (2400mm x 1200mm) Tapered Edge (2.88m2)

£16.09 ex VAT
Knauf Moisture Panel Plasterboard

Knauf Plasterboard Moisture Panel 15mm (2400mm x 1200mm) Tapered Edge (2.88m2)

£19.16 ex VAT

The Knauf Moisture Panel has improved moisture resistance properties over the standard wallboard. For this reason, the Knauf Moisture Panel is suitable for use in rooms with more humid conditions such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. The plasterboard itself conforms to standards EN520, Type A and H2. This plasterboard is ideal for receiving a direct decoration or plaster finish.

Knauf Moisture Panel Plasterboard is identifiable by its green paper face. It is common to hear people refer to the Knauf Moisture Panel as the “Green Plasterboard” or simply “Green Board”. This is because many suppliers of Moisture Proof Plasterboards use the same colour green to keep the standards in the industry the same.

Green board is a term for drywall plasterboard that can withstand high moisture or humidity. Builders and people in the trade like to work with green board as it is easy to install. In addition to this, it is not expensive.

Knauf Moisture Panel Plasterboard is not adversely affected by moisture, unlike standard wallboard. It is suitable for ceiling and wall installations and can be easily cut to size.

Cheap Knauf Moisture Panel

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Installing Knauf Moisture Panels

Installing Knauf Moisture Panels is similar to the install of standard drywall. The green board itself is still has a Gypsum core so structurally it is very similar.

To install a Knauf Moisture Panel, you would first need to measure the area that you would like to add your drywall to. Once you have done this, you need to score the measurements you have taken. This can be done with a Stanley blade. When the green board is scored, it can be bent to snap along the score line. Make sure you use a knife to cut through the paper.

We recommend using metal brackets and frames to fit the drywall. If you do use metal fixings then ensure your metal profiles are in place securely. You can directly fix the moisture resistant panels to the metal profiles using screws. Make sure you use screws that will not rust. Ensure that all of the gaps around the panels are sealed with plaster compound and jointing tape. Use sandpaper to sand down the joins to give a smooth finish. Two coats of drywall sealer can be applied to the face of the plasterboard wall to give it additional moisture protection. Painting the walls with a waterproof base coat and layering it with interior paint will further help prevent moisture and therefore mold and fungus.

How to store Knauf Moisture Panels

In order to protect the green board from any damage, measures should be put in place to store the plasterboard correctly. The Knauf Moisture Panel should be stored flat and protected from harsh weather conditions. This green board is not suited for areas that are continuously damp, humid or above 50°C. When handling Knauf Moisture Panels, be sure to use the appropriate PPE and equipment. This includes the use of gloves and protective glasses as plasterboard can be an irritant to the skin. Face masks can also be used to protect against inhalation of plasterboard dust, which should not be ingested.