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Isomass Ltd was founded in 2006 supplying acoustic insulation materials. Isomass designs and supplies insulation materials to enable builders to provide effective solutions to soundproof walls and floors as well as ensuring adjoining properties are not disrupted by their activity.
Isomass has experience and understanding in the field of separating floors and walls which makes Isomass a go-to on all aspects of sound insulation within most building structures. Their products and applications provide help with sound reduction within residential and commercial buildings including speech, television, and general impacts from movement.
Isomass frequently advises professionals during the project’s planning with practical ways to overcome sound proofing issues.
Isomass’s PI backed design service is used in numerous markets including converted offices and even listed buildings to domestic dwellings where it is now mandatory to party floor and walls to pass a sound test. It is also used in commercial conditions such as manufacturing, hospitals or even doctor’s surgeries, and others.

Isocheck Insulation

Isomass Isocheck 37T – 2400 x 600 x 37mm Board

£42.50 ex VAT
Isomass Isocheck

Isomass Isowave 23 Acoustic Wall Board 1197 x 597 x 22.5mm

£22.90 ex VAT
Isocheck Insulation

Isomass Isocheck 18T – 2400 x 600 x 18mm Board

£28.50 ex VAT
Isocheck Insulation

Isomass Isocheck 32T – 2400 x 600 x 32mm Board

£39.99 ex VAT

Isocheck 28T, 24T & 15T

£16.50£32.50 ex VAT

Isocheck Barrier Mats

Price On Application
Isocheck Impact Mat 200

Isocheck Impact Mat 100 – Acoustic Underlay (6.5mm)

£89.00 ex VAT
Isocheck Impact Mat 200

Isocheck Impact Mat 200 – Acoustic Underlay (8mm)

£19.99 ex VAT
Isocheck Impact Mat 200

Isocheck Impact Mat 300 – Acoustic Underlay (12mm)

£34.90 ex VAT

Isocheck Isoblock and Isobar

£3.45£3.99 ex VAT

Isocheck ResiScreed 6, 8 & 10

£70.00£85.00 ex VAT

Isowave 23 Acoustic Wall System

Price On Application
Monodeck Insulation

Isomass Monodeck 20T – 2600 x 600 x 20mm Board

£27.15 ex VAT
Monodeck Insulation

Isomass Monodeck 32T – 2600 x 600 x 32mm Board

£34.99 ex VAT
Monodeck Insulation

Isomass Monodeck 37T – 2600 x 600 x 37mm Board

£36.99 ex VAT

Monodeck (30T, 26T & 17T)

£16.25£30.99 ex VAT

By using a product that provides thermal and acoustic performance, you save money on your energy bills and provide extra comfort in your living or working space. Isomass offers lightweight products making handling, installing, and cutting easy, Isomass also provides guidance and support where needed for products that are harder to install or are required for more specific purposes. Their products also include installation instructions, and their wide product range means there is a product for every insulation need. Always consult Isomass or a building professional before installing acoustic insulation in your home for your safety.


Isomass insulation materials include acoustic wall systems, underlay, barrier matts, isoblocks, monodecks, and acoustic floor systems including 28T, 24T and, 15T.

ISOMASS 37T Acoustic Floor System

The Isocheck 37T is an acoustic flooring system designed to substitute floorboards. This system is made to reduce impact sound transmission and increase thermal conductivity through floorboards such as a timber joisted floor. It is regularly used where there is little access available to enhance the ceiling below for both sound insulation as well as providing further fire protection.

When fitted as part of a total sound reduction system, it enables a timber floor to meet the sound transmission regulations of Approved Document E 2003 and subsequent amendments in 2004, 2010, 2013 and 2015.

Isocheck 37T consists of 10mm reconstituted ACF (acoustic chip foam) and the added isolation of a 5mm Isofiba layer, bonded to 22mm P5 V313 moisture resistant chipboard. The overall 37T size is 2400mm x 600mm x 37mm.