An essential element of home planning and design, sound treatment can help minimise noise disturbance in your space and work to improve sound quality. But with a wide range of solutions available, it can be intimidating to know what option to install in your property.
So, what exactly is acoustic flooring and how can it be useful in your space?

What is acoustic flooring?

Acoustic flooring works to dampen, absorb, or reflect noise in your space. This is particularly effective in smaller build and prevents the internal transmission of from floor to floor and between rooms. Deploying wall insulation can even help retain heat and prevent noise pollution from neighbouring properties. Buildings need to ensure that they conform with Document E

How does it work

Any flooring solution is a form of the baffle that helps to manage unwanted noise through absorption, dampening, or a combination of both.
Noise absorption uses the insulation’s properties to ‘soak up’ noise and prevent them reverberating or echoing inside a space. Where hard elements such as wood or glass allow for the reflection of soundwaves, acoustic flooring or insulation helps stop this ‘bounce’ before it happens.
Noise dampening uses materials that do not transmit sound waves in the first place. Made from dense fibres and elements, these prevent the passage of sound; ensuring that space remains protected no matter what.
These can take the form of barrier mats, dedicated acoustic underlay, bespoke wall systems and more. If noise and disruption is a disturbance to your life – especially with quarantine in place – putting in place a permanent solution quickly tackles the problem and can even help raise the value of your property in the long run.

How does it help?

Acoustic flooring helps with two types of noise – Impact Sound and Airborne Sound.
Impact sound is percussive and comes from footfall, moving objects about, repairs, or the million-and-one actions taking place around your property. Choosing to tackle impact sound works to minimise everyday noise and deals with common issues in urban areas or unique situations in your space.
Airborne sound is transmitted through the atmosphere around us. This takes the form of conversations, music, or even sounds from outside your property such as cars, roadworks, or foot traffic.
Factoring this into a build, renovation, or refit allows you to tackle specific problems for your space. This can range from guaranteeing a disruption-free office space, improving sound quality in rooms of any size, or ensure that a young learner picks up the drums as quietly as possible.

What next?

If you want to learn more about acoustic flooring and the role it can play in your property, our team at Trade Insulations are here to help. With vast experience, we work to provide materials and insulation solutions to a range of builds and projects. We pride ourselves on helping you deliver the solution your project needs.
You can view our regularly updated selection of acoustic insulation products in full – acoustic insulation. Or, if you have specific questions or queries about your space, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly and let a member of our in-house team help you find the right product for your unique requirements.