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PIR Insulation Boards are the most popular and well-known type of insulation and a great alternative to fiberglass batt insulation. These boards are extremely popular as the PIR insulation boards don't sag or become flimsy over time, which ensures a long-lasting product and excellent performance. These boards also often boast fire-resistant properties dependent again on the manufacturer.
PIR Insulation Board Types

  • Standard Insulation Board
  • Cavity Wall Board
  • Pitched Roof Board
  • External Wall Board
  • Soffit Board

What are PIR Insulation Boards:

Insulation boards are manufactured from rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR), a lightweight foam board fixed in between two foil facings manufactured in sheet to ensure easy application and extra insulation for your home or commercial building. This product is often chosen for its fire-resistant properties. Insulation boards are an essential part of any domestic or commercial building construction project. The boards can be used on roofs, floors, the internal side of external walls, the outside of your home or building or they can be placed inside a wall cavity. It is important the right material is used for your project. General-purpose PIR insulation boards are perfect for standard applications such as roofs, ceilings, wall,s and floors. For other insulation purposes, other brands and types of insulation are also available such as acoustic boards. Internal wall insulation can also be useful for spare or unused rooms as it can reduce the amount of heat transferred between rooms.

Cheap PIR insulation boards

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PIR boards are made using a blend materials together to create a single board of rigid foam insulation. The way these board working involve heat being generated which causes a release of gases which are then trapped within cells creating a high thermal performance. The foam board is then placed in between two foil facings.
PIR boards (polyisocyanurate insulation) include:

  • Structural rigidity
  • Simple Installation
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Protects/ stops mould/ condensation – this can affect the quality of the board
  • Great lifespan
  • Fire-resistant Properties – cannot melt within fire.

Popular PIR insulation boards:

Celotex PIR insulation boards

Offers several different types of insulation board in a wide range of sizes. Celotex Boards can be used in homes or commercial buildings to improve the building insulation and save energy and heating costs. Celotex has a range that has a product designed for every need from general use to cavity wallboards, floorboards, or fire resistance. The Celotex brand has years of experience, and their range of insulation boards are continuously developing.

Kingspan insulation board

Kingspan is one of the most popular and well-known brands when it comes to insulation materials. Kingspan provides several different types of insulation boards in a wide range of sizes which can be used in pitched roofs, external walls, internal walls, flat roofs, floors and balconies. Kingspan boards can be used in homes or commercial buildings to improve building insulation and save energy and heating costs. Key products Kooltherm and thermaline.

How to install Celotex PIR insulation boards:

There is a variety of options when it comes to installing insulation boards, each method differs depending on the product being installed and the location it is being fitted. PIR Insulation Boards can be installed in between rafters in pitched roofs, to ceilings in flat roofs, cavity walls, floors and more. When purchasing PIR Insulation Boards, each product should be provided with an installation guide detailing how the product should be fit. This can also be found within our product descriptions.
This product can be cut with a hand saw. It is important to use protective clothing such as goggles or safety glasses as when cutting Insulation Boards as dust and particles are produced.