At Trade Insulations Ltd we wanted to see what our clients thought…. which brand 100mm PIR Insulation Boards has the best thermal conductivity?. We asked our marketing team to put a vote together to see what our clients thought. Over 2500 of our clients come back to us and these are the results…

To make it a fair test we waited 2 weeks before uploading the results –

Kingspan – 28%
Celotex – 20%
Recticel – 16%
Ecotherm – 14%
Quinn Therm – 7%
Xtratherm – 6%
IKO – 5%
Ballytherm – 4%

And the Answer is…

All of the Above hold the same thermal conductivity on 100mm Insulation Board of 0.022W/mK. Contrary to popular belief all of these brands work towards the industry standard of 0.022W/km. So, no matter the PIR insulation brand either Celotex, Recticel, or Kingspan they all do the same job.

We sell all sizes on our insulation boards –

25mm PIR Board / 25mm Insulation Board
30mm PIR Board / 30mm Insulation Board
40mm PIR Board / 40mm Insulation Board
50mm PIR Board / 50mm Insulation Board
60mm PIR Board / 60mm Insulation Board
70mm PIR Board / 70mm Insulation Board
75mm PIR Board / 75mm Insulation Board
80mm PIR Board / 80mm Insulation Board
90mm PIR Board / 90mm Insulation Board
100mm PIR Board / 100mm Insulation Board
110mm PIR Board / 110mm Insulation Board
120mm PIR Board / 120mm Insulation Board
130mm PIR Board / 130mm Insulation Board
140mm PIR Board / 140mm Insulation Board
150mm PIR Board / 150mm Insulation Board
165mm PIR Board / 165mm Insulation Board
200mm PIR Board / 200mm Insulation Board


PIR insulation Brands & Codes

Please see below for each PIR brand & the codes you need to look out for.

Kingspan Insulation Boards – Known as Kingspan Thermapitch TP10 Insulation Board 2400×1200. They also do Thermafloor TF70 & Thermawall TW55

Celotex Insulation Boards – Celotex 25mm TB4025 / Celotex 30mm TB4030 / Celotex 40mm TB4040 / Celotex 50mm GA4050 / Celotex 60mm GA4060 / Celotex 70mm GA4070 / Celotex 75mm GA4075 / Celotex 80mm GA4080 / Celotex 90mm GA4090 / Celotex 100mm GA4100 / Celotex 110mm XR4110 / Celotex 120mm XR4120 / Celotex 130mm XR4130 / Celotex 140mm XR4140 / Celotex 150mm XR4150 / Celotex 165mm XR4165 / Celotex 200mm XR4200 / all boards are 2400×1200

Recticel Insulation Boards – Known as Recticel Eurothane GP PIR Rigid Insulation Board – all boards are 2400×1200

Ecotherm Insulation Boards – Known as Ecotherm Eco-Versal General Purpose Insulation Board – all boards 2400×1200

Quinn Therm Insulation Boards – Known as Quinn Therm QF PIR Insulation Board – all boards 2400×1200

Xtratherm Insulation Boards – Known as Xtratherm Thin-R Insulation Board – all boards 2400×1200

IKO Insulation Boards – Known as IKO Enertherm ALU Universal Rigid Insulation Board – all boards 2400×1200

Ballytherm Insulation Boards – Known as Ballytherm Insulation General Purpose Board – all boards 2400×1200

PIR Insulation Boards (Multi-purpose) is one of the most used insulation materials on the market. Uses for domestic and commercial buildings while holding excellent thermal properties. PIR Boards are provided with a vapour barrier on both sides and has a very high fire safety value, It also has low global warming potential (GWP). The high performing PIR boards are environmentally friendly and are designed to reduce energy bills and therefore reduce carbon footprint. In the summer months, it also reduces the need for air conditioning as it will keep the heat out. It is designed to eliminate cold spots and boasts outstanding performance when used in timber frame and masonry walls.

If you’re still uncertain about what insulation material is right for you, it’s always helpful to seek professional guidance. If that’s the case for you, our team at Trade Insulations are here to help. With many years of experience, we work to understand your specific requirements and find a materials solution that is right for you.
if you have specific questions or queries, you can contact us directly and learn more about different ranges, and talk through which option is right for your unique space.

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