An essential part of running a warm and economical home, insulation plays a vital role in making any property liveable. However, it’s all too easy to overlook its importance or choose a solution that doesn’t hit the mark.
So, why exactly is finding the right kind of home insulation so important and what should you check before adding some to your property?

What is home insulation?

Put simply, insulation covers a range of materials that can be added to your build to help reduce heat loss, improve the retention of warmth, and regulate temperatures throughout the year.
Insulation acts as a barrier between the walls of your home and the outside – letting your property stay cool in the summer and maintain a required temperature in the depths of winter. This can involve a range of potential options including injection foam, spray foam, fibreglass, cellulose, or a combination of options to help tackle your project needs.

Why is insulation important?

Finding the right insulation solution for your home is vital when it comes to preventing short-term problems and ongoing inconvenience. Finding the right provider and product can help keep your running costs down, raise the resale value of your property, and tackle long-standing issues in one go.
However, failing to secure the right solution for your property can result in increased expenditure, produce long-standing issues, and much more. Whether you are considering wall, roof, window, or floor insulation – finding the right insulation choice can save you time, effort, and energy when it truly matters most.

Insulation help

If you are concerned about your insulation, it’s helpful to ask your provider some key questions when providing their initial costing or review. These include-
What is the R-Value of the insulation?: This refers to the chosen material’s resistance (R) to heat flow. This means that the bigger the R-value, the more effective an insulator it is. While this needs to be considered alongside the heat loss due to convection, it can be a helpful way to gauge which material is correct for you.
Is this right for my property?: Every property owner’s situation is unique and the solution you choose should consider a number of variables. This should factor in if the property is an older build, your geographic location, your key aims for the property, and any other unique elements you consider relevant.
What is the potential energy saving?: One of the key drivers for choosing insulation is its ability to help save money and drive efficiency throughout your home. No matter the job, taking the time to bring your energy expenditure down can help provide long-term savings for the years ahead.

Trade Insulations

If you want to learn more about the options available to you, our team at Trade Insulations are here to help. With loads of experience, we work with you to demystify the insulation process and help find a product that is right for your space.